Fall 2006 Haiku Contest

ASN has had several graphic and oekaki contests, but to date no writing contests. To remedy this we are pleased to announce ASN's first ever haiku contest, in honor of Sokka and his infamous haiku duel in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se!" Since haiku often uses a kigo, or seasonal reference, we'll try and run a haiku contest each season if this one is a success.

The contest rules are:

* Two entries max per contestant
* Standard 5-7-5 syllable construction
* Avatar themed only
* Bonus points for seasonal reference (fall of course!) and appropriate grammatical break
* ASN staff and their families are not qualified for prizes, but may submit entries
* Email or PM submissions to Acastus at acastus@avatarspirit.net
* Original entries only! If you've already blown your best effort on the haiku string or in the fanfic forum, bummer for you! Make something new.

Judging is by staff vote. Entries are accepted from now until 12AM EST, Tuesday, October 31st.

Three prizes will be awarded, one for best entry, one for most creative and one random. The winners will have their entries posted on the mainsite and will each receive a prize of their choice. The prizes are either an ASN polo shirt in the color of their choice (red for Fire Nation, green for Earth Kingdom, blue for Water Tribes, or light yellow for Air Nomads), or a $20 Amazon certificate. I'll put up a photo of the ASN Air Nomad shirt soon as an example, though you can see ixnay wearing one in the Avatar lego string here.

For those who aren't familiar with haiku, it's a short form of poetry that originated in Japan. The Wiki article on haiku is worth reading, and there are many other sites out there if you do a quick google search.

We can't wait to see what fun and creative entries we'll get. So have fun and good luck to all!

Best: Rachel Her

"Little Soldier Boy":

Under the tall tree
Is the little soldier boy
Who will not come home

Most Creative: Susan Kischel

Chaos is found where
Cabbages fly through the air
Sell them if you dare!

Random: Isidorios

Cunning lemur waits
Pear harvest brought to market
Stealth brings sweet reward

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