Spring 2007 Haiku Contest

Our Fall 2006 Haiku Contest was such a success that we promised another one. Actually, we promised one for winter, but it never happened. Sorry! But, don't worry, we're back with a Spring contest!

The contest rules are:

* Two entries max per contestant
* Standard 5-7-5 syllable construction
* Avatar themed only
* Bonus points for seasonal reference (spring of course!) and appropriate grammatical break
* ASN staff and their families are not qualified for prizes, but may submit entries
* Email all submissions to contests@avatarspirit.net
* Please post all questions to the forum string.
* Original entries only! If you've already blown your best effort on the haiku string or in the fanfic forum, bummer for you! Make something new!

Judging is by staff vote. Entries are accepted from now until 12AM EST, Monday, April 30th.

Two prizes will be awarded. The winners will have their entries posted on the mainsite and will each receive a prize of their choice. The prizes are either an ASN polo shirt in the color of their choice (red for Fire Nation, green for Earth Kingdom, blue for Water Tribes, or light yellow for Air Nomads), or a $20 Amazon certificate.

We can't wait to see what fun and creative entries we'll get. So have fun and good luck to all!

Platinum Dragon

"My mask floats away
deep down into the abyss,
along with my past"


"A sunny spring day
Everything's calm and peaceful
Then Koh steals your face"

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