Avatar Magazine Contest

The second all Avatar magazine is receiving great reviews from fans all over the world, and to encourage those who haven't yet bought a copy, ASN is hosting a contest to give those who have picked it up a chance to win either a Volume 1, Season 3 DVD in a random drawing or an Amazon.com gift certificate of equivalent value! ASN is proud to host this event which is being administered and generoulsy supported by ASN user dianam41!

To enter, simply e-mail a copy of your receipt (scanned receipts are fine) to avatarmagcontest@comcast.net, or you can fax a copy of the receipt to 303-200-8868. Or, lastly, you can scan your receipt, host it on imageshack or some other hosting service and email a link to it to the email address above. The contest runs from Sunday, September 18th until Sunday, October 28th.

Each copy of the magazine purchased will receive one entry. Multiple copies of the purchased magazines may be on one receipt, but please submit that receipt only one time. Each receipt should be itemized - in other words, the magazine should be identifiable on the receipt by either name or SKN/SKU/UPC number. On receipts that feature other non-Avatar magazine items, please circle or indicate the magazine. The member entering is responsible for any toll-charges that result from faxing. All entries must include their ASN Member name if you have one and en e-mail address if the entry isn't submitted by email.

Here is the complete rules of entry:

  • The contest sponsor, ASN moderators, and their families are ineligible.

  • No hand-written receipts will be accepted.

  • The DVD prize will be NTSC format, so please be certain that you are able to play NTSC format DVD's. In case of an Amazon.com gift certificate, the prize will be purchased and sent to the winner's e-mal address upon receipt of confirmation from the winner.

After the contest deadline passes, all entries will be placed "in a hat." It may actually be a bowl or a basket. On October 29, the winner's name will be randomly drawn. The winner will be informed via Personal Message on ASN or via e-mail. The winner must then submit a physical address for shipping. Should the winner prefer, an Amazon gift certificate in the amount of $15 may be substituted for the prize. The winner has fourteen (14) days from the close of the contest to claim his/her prize. Should he/she not respond by the end of fourteen days, an alternate winner will chosen in the same manner as above.

The sponsor will provide proof, if required, that the DVD was sent, in the form of a receipt from the US Postal Service. Any DVD sent within the US will have a tracking number. The shipment would be bound by international laws, and by the abilities of the US Postal Service to deliver to the winner if the winner resides in a foreign country. Once mailed, the contest sponsor is not liable for any loss or damage to the DVD. The sponsor will also provide proof, if required, that the Amazon gift certificate was purchased and sent to the winner's e-mail address. The winner should ascertain that he/she is eligible to purchase from Amazon.com in the country of their residence.

If you do not agree with these rules, please do not enter the contest. A contest entry signifies that you agree to these rules.


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