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New Avatar: The Last Airbender novels featuring Avatar Kyoshi!
Posted by Icy_Ashford on September 1st, 2018 @ 1:44 AM EST (825)

The Rise of Kyoshi
Entertainment Weekly announced that Nickelodeon has partnered with Abrams Children's Books to release a series of novels set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It will be focused on Avatar Kyoshi and there will be two books about her. The first book is titled The Rise of Kyoshi and "will explore her origin story as she established the brave and respected Kyoshi Warriors, but also founded the secretive Dai Li, which led to the corruption, decline, and fall of the Earth Kingdom." The second book is still untitled and the release date is unknown.

These two books are authored by F.C. Yee and written in consultation with Michael Dante DiMartino, one of the co-creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

The Rise of Kyoshi is set to be released on July 16 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Abrams Books and Amazon.
The Legend of Korra: An Avatar's Chronicle
Posted by Icy_Ashford on September 1st, 2018 @ 1:43 AM EST (824)

Simon and Schuster revealed that there will be a book titled The Legend of Korra: An Avatar's Chronicle. Synopsis is below.

Avatar Korra and her friends chronicle their memories and adventures in this new fully-illustrated scrapbook filled with letters and inserts from your favorite characters.

After the time of Avatar Aang, Korra was revealed as the next Avatar. After training with Aang’s son Tenzin, Avatar Korra succeeded in the battle to restore peace between the Spirit World and Republic City, though the victories were hard-fought. In this fully-illustrated scrapbook, Tenzin challenges Korra to chronicle the many trials and lessons she has learned during her time as Avatar.

To complete this task, Korra enlists the help of her many friends and loved ones to share stories, mementos, and artifacts from their many adventures. Readers will discover gorgeous art, inserted posters, special removable keepsakes, photos, and more throughout this book!

Based on the synopsis, it sounds similar to the Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy book that was released a few years back.

This book is slated to released on May 21 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. No cover art is revealed yet but we will post an update once we get one.
Imbalance Part Two cover art revealed
Posted by Icy_Ashford on August 6th, 2018 @ 9:18 AM EST (823)

Imbalance Part Two
Nerdist has revealed the cover art of "Imbalance, Part Two" which is slated for release on Mar 26 2019.

Penguin Random House has also released an updated synopsis for Imbalance Part One and revealed the synopsis for Imbalance Part Two. You may read them below.

"When Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph return to Earthen Fire Industries–the factory owned by Toph’s father–Team Avatar finds that the once small town is now booming. Expecting a warm welcome, Aang is surprised when their arrival is met with unimpressed, cold-shouldered spectators. As soon as the team is asked for help at a business council meeting, the reason for the slight becomes clear–a massive bender versus non-bender conflict has gripped the town and is threatening to turn violent."

"There’s something fishy going on in Cranefish Town, and it’s up to Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph to find out what, before the simmering conflict between benders and non-benders boils over into all-out war. But danger lurks where they least expect it, and uncovering the truth will reveal a threat unlike any they’ve ever faced–and a fateful choice for Aang he can never unmake!"

Imbalance is written by Faith Erin Hicks, drawn by Peter Wartman, and colored by Ryan Hill, in collaboration with co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. You may pre-order Imbalance Part Two on Amazon.
Turf Wars Library Edition announced!
Posted by Icy_Ashford on August 6th, 2018 @ 9:17 AM EST (822)

Turf Wars Library Edition
Like all the previous comics that were released for Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra's first comic, Turf Wars, is also getting a library edition as announced by Nerdist.

The gorgeous cover is by artist Heather Campbell with colors by Vivian Ng and lettering by Nate Piekos.

The library edition for Turf Wars is slated to be released on Feb 26 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.
New Avatar: The Last Airbender comics!
Posted by Icy_Ashford on February 27th, 2018 @ 8:15 AM EST (821)

Imbalance Part One Team Avatar Tales
It was announced last year that there will be new Avatar: The Last Airbender comics written by Faith Erin Hicks and illustrated by Peter Wartman. Entertainment Weekly has revealed the title and cover art of "Imbalance, Part One" which is slated to be released on October 10th 2018. Here is a short summary of the story: "The first part of a new trilogy, this story finds Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph dealing with a conflict between benders and non-benders in a booming industrial town."

The art looks amazing and perhaps this story would show the beginnings of the Equalist ideology that was depicted in The Legend of Korra.

In addition to that, there will be a one-shot anthology comic titled "Avatar: The Last Airbender - Team Avatar Tales" which features tales from multiple writers and it is slated to be released on September 5th 2018. Some will be previous Free Comic Book Day publications and other stories will be brand new. This is a summary by EW: "In classic Avatar style, the comic is set to include both adventurous stories (such as saving a pumpkin farmer from monsters) and serious reflection on deep issues, like what it means to save the world. In addition to Yang and Hicks, other featured creators will include Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Ron Koertge (Vampire Planet), Dave Scheidt (Dreamworks Trolls, Wrapped Up), and Sara Goetter (Dungeon Critters, Boozle)."

It's amazing that after a decade since the original series ended, it's still going strong!
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