Interview with Voice Director Andrea Romano (part 3 of 3)
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Here's part three of the ASN interview with Andrea Romano, Emmy Award winning voice director for Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Acastus: What major differences does voice-directing Avatar have over past shows you have directed?

Andrea: There are no really clear differences directing this show over others, really. It's all about the acting when you come right down to it.

Acastus: Do you watch the shows you work on?

Andrea: I watch every project I work on.

Acastus: How much involvement do you usually have in initial voice selection? How does the selection process usually work and who is involved?

Andrea: The casting for this series was initially done by Sarah Noonan's office. All the subsequent casting is done by the wonderfully talented Maryanne Dacey.

We went through many young actors as the voice of Aang...finally finding the remarkable young actor who gives life to this character...Zachary Tyler Eisen. What a terrific actor.

I offer my input when necessary, but Maryanne rarely needs any help. She knows her stuff! Proof of this is the great job she did in finding a replacement for the late, great Mako. A very difficult job...Mako was such a fine actor, and what we call a "voice with character" (as opposed to someone who does "character voices"). Check out the third season when it airs to see what I'm speaking of.

Acastus: We have a lot of aspiring voice actors out in the fandom. What advice would you give young teens or pre-teens who want to voice animated characters?

Andrea: First and foremost...TAKE ACTING CLASSES. And keep taking them. Then, study voice acting. The majority of this work is done here in Los Angeles, and that's where most of the best classes are taught. Be sure you check out the credits of the teacher. And cartoons. See what works and what doesn't. Observe the different types of energy in the different series. Then, you'll need to put together a demo...get an agent...audition as much as possible, and then remember to thank me in your award acceptance speech when you're hugely successful!

Acastus: In your extraordinary career, you have earned at least seven Emmys which you reportedly have 'accessorized' on occasion. [See pictures below] Which Barbie outfit looks most fetching on an Emmy?

Andrea: My favorite Emmy outfit is actually a peignoir set (that's a very old fashioned word for a nightgown and robe set). The one I have is pink, and lined with fake ostrich's just the robe that fits. Looks so great...if I remember, I'll send you a picture. By the way, most of my Emmy's clothes were given to me as a gift from Scott Menville's wife Jacquie (Scott, as you know, is the voice of Robin on Teen Titans).

Acastus: If you could play any other Avatar character, who would it be? Why would you choose that character?

Andrea: I'm gonna have to really think about what character I'd want to play on this series...probably Katara since she has such a nice emotional range. But if I had the skill, I'd probably want to play Momo. Who doesn't love Momo?




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