April Oekaki Theme and Contests
April Oekaki Theme and Contests
Posted by Unbridled Joy of Flight on March 31st, 2006 @ 1:35 PM EST (281)

As demonstrated by this masterpiece by Myrith, ASN's oekaki has really taken off. I thank all our artists for gracing our oekakis and invite any creative spirits out there who have yet to join to do so and share in the creative funness!

As part of ASN's appreciation of our oekaki artists, it is my pleasure to announce the contest theme for the month of April is "Sibling Rivalry and Revelry". This month we're going to award three prizes on this theme. One for best image, one for most creative image, and one image chosen entirely at random from those created on the theme. Each prize will be a $15 gift certificate from Amazon.Com.

As we have all seen, siblings play great importance in Avatar. In addition to Sokka & Katara and Zuko & Azula, we have Iroh & Ozai and even the two Earth Kingdom boys from Aunt Wu's village. I am excited to see what our artists can do to pay homage to all the Sibs of Avatar!
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