Haiku Contest & Launch of Sister Site, AmityPark.net!
Haiku Contest & Launch of Sister Site, AmityPark.net!
Posted by Acastus on October 9th, 2006 @ 6:00 PM EST (347)

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A haiku contest
Leaves fall as season two ends
Won't you contribute?

In honor of Sokka's infamous haiku duel in episode 215, "The Tales of Ba Sing Se", ASN is pleased to announce an Avatar haiku contest. The contest will run until 12AM EST, Tuesday October 31st. Submissions should be emailed to me at acastus@avatarspirit.net. Full contest rules can be found on the forums here.

Three prizes will be awarded, one for best entry, one for most creative and one random. The winners will have their entries posted on the mainsite and will each receive a prize of their choice. The prizes are either an ASN polo shirt in the color of their choice (red for Fire Nation, green for Earth Kingdom, blue for Water Tribes, or light yellow for Air Nomads), or a $20 Amazon certificate.

We can't wait to see what fun and creative entries we'll get. So have a blast and good luck to all!

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In other news, we are excited to announce the grand opening of our new sister site, AmityPark.net! APN is proud to serve you for all your Danny Phantom needs. We know you will find there the same dedication to the show and to the fans that we have here and on TitansGo.net.

On APN you will find an episode guide, screenshots, show staff database, forums, and a growing body of reference material about the show. Transcripts and other fun stuff to come. The crew of APN has really done a tremendous job making the new site, so drop by as soon as you can!
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