Appa Plushie Charity Auction
Appa Plushie Charity Auction
Posted by Acastus on December 16th, 2006 @ 7:52 AM EST (377)

Click here to go the charity auction page on Ebay
The Appa plushie prize available as part of the ASN Holiday Oekaki Art Contest has generated a lot of email inquiries on where to find one of these adorable items for sale. Alas, most of the theme parks where the Appa plushies were sold are now closed for the season, but we are pleased to offer an alternate way to secure your very own Appa.

One of ASN's forum moderators, Avatar_Mom, is running an Avatar Charity Auction for one of these critters on Ebay. Every cent of the auction proceeds will go to benefit the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. According to Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, the NCCF spends less than 1% of its money on administration, so you can be confident that what you are paying is in fact going to benefit children in need. If you are able and interested, please bid as generously as you can! The auction ends at about 5PM EST this coming Wednesday, December 20th.

For those unable to afford such a donation, there is still the ASN Holiday Oekaki Art Contest! Remember, The contest runs from now until midnight on Sunday December, 31st!
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