Season Three, Volume I DVD Release Date Announced
Season Three, Volume I DVD Release Date Announced
Posted by Acastus on July 10th, 2007 @ 3:27 AM EST (436)

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In a surprise move, the release date for the first DVD set for the as yet unaired third season of Avatar has been announced by Paramount Home Entertainment. The street date for the set, which will include the first five episodes of the new season, is October 30th. Please see the full write up on which contains further details, including some solid speculation on a season three premiere date of late September.

The awesome cover art at left (click on the thumbnail to see the full size version) has the Gaang in Fire Nation garb, and, as many have been speculating would be the case, Aang with a full head of hair. This revealing cover art, along with the release date being announced before the episodes have even aired, has caused some controversy in the forum over the authenticity of this information. To settle this fast, we contacted Dave Lambert, the News Director for He confirmed the information and indicated that gets its information right from Paramount's password protected press website.

If the cover art is any judge, season three looks worth the wait! Let's hope for more good news at SDCC!
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