Nick Press Release on "Day of Black Sun" Airdate & Special Events
Nick Press Release on "Day of Black Sun" Airdate & Special Events
Posted by Acastus on November 14th, 2007 @ 8:58 AM EST (498)

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Viacom and Nickelodeon have put out a press release on the "Day of Black Sun" airdate and other special events. Click on the link to see the press release at the Viacom website or see it here on ASN's Press Release page.

The press release confirms that the airdate for "The Day of Black Sun" event has been moved from Thanksgiving weekend to Friday, November 30th and will run from 8:00 to 9:00 PM EST. This is a movie-type event similar to "The Secret of the Fire Nation" during season two, and will contain two episodes (310 and 311) which will be broadcast one after the other.

In support of the broadbast, Nick plans to launch a support website at "", though it is not up yet. The site will include:

"...a message board, embedded video player, link to Avatar games, collectibles, downloads, plus a sneak peek of the hour-long movie."

The site will also run an Avatar game tournament starting 11/19, and a new Game of the Week, "Avatar: Black Sun Siege," will begin on Thursday, Nov. 29.

The press release also contains a brief summary of the plot (click the link to read if you don't mind a few spoilers), and quotes a bunch of statistics showcasing the success of the show -including a nice shout out to the fansite and online Avatar community:

"Since its launch, Avatar has developed a fervent fan base, and not just with kids. The unique attributes of the show -- epic storytelling, Asian influence and film quality graphics -- have generated one of the most passionate fan bases in Nickelodeon's history. Avatar fans have built their own unique fan sites full of original fiction, storyline proposals, artwork, comics, message boards, blogs and more, all based on the property."

No specific Nielsen ratings are mentioned, but the release highlights hits on the website, TurboNick activity, total numbers of viewers reached over season three to date, and is generally upbeat on the show's performance.
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