ASN Review Section Added
ASN Review Section Added
Posted by Acastus on March 1st, 2008 @ 7:56 PM EST (516)

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After all the work that many folks have put into writing good episode reviews, we decided to add a new way for everyone to access them! The old way which still works is to go to the episode guide and click the review link under each title, or click the review link from the episode detail page.

The new way to access the episode reviews is to click the "Episode Review" link off the main menu at left. This takes you to the summary table, where there is a column for the average staff grade and average user grade for each episode. At the top of the summary page you can click on the link to the detail page where the individual staff and some of the highest quality and profilic user reviews are highlighted in a large table. Each grade on the detail tab is a link to the actual review.

The summary grades are based on all episode reviews that are accepted, not just those shown on the detail table. Please also keep in mind that the grades and reviews are just for fun and don't bury us in emails voicing disagreements with grades or with which reviews are displayed.

Lastly, we're a bit behind on the submissions, so forgive as we try to catch up as well as pump out the rest of the volume 2 DVD screens!

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