Dark Horse and Nickelodeon Releasing New ATLA Comics!
Dark Horse and Nickelodeon Releasing New ATLA Comics!
Posted by SMBH on February 9th, 2011 @ 2:03 AM EST (570)

We have some exciting news to share with the fans! Avatar_Mom writes:
New Avatar comics coming soon

When Nickelodeon Magazine closed its doors in 2009, Avatar fans lost the only vehicle delivering original "Avatar: The Last Airbender" comics. There were still many finished comics that had yet to be published that would never be released in the US.

Many fans have always felt that the Avatar universe is rich and diverse enough to do very well in an extended universe. Not only do they want to see new ATLA comics, they want to see the comics that had been forgotten after Nickelodeon Magazine said farewell. Apparently the fans were not the only ones feeling this way. In December of 2010, Free Comic Book Day announced that one of their Gold Sponsor titles belonged to "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Dark Horse (publisher of the gorgeous Art of The Animated Series) seemed to have the same feelings. Today, Dark Horse happily announced that they will release a 240 page collection of the out-of-print and never-before-seen comics. They will also release NEW original "Avatar: The Last Airbender" stories as digest-style graphic novels. In these books, the story will continue where it left off at the series finale. We will get a chance to explore the Avatar universe and its many characters, as well as discover how a world so devastated by 100 years of tyranny and oppression begins to heal itself.

For the fans that worry about the integrity of the Avatar storyline, fear not. Mike and Bryan are behind this project, and are excited by the possibilities:

"We are excited to work closely with them once again to bring the further adventures of Avatar Aang and his friends to the comic world." -- Michael Dante DiMartino

The first installment will be released on Free Comic Book Day (May 7th). Please visit Geekdad’s post for more information, and thank him kindly for the write up.

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