Legend of Korra Panel and More at SDCC 2011
Legend of Korra Panel and More at SDCC 2011
Posted by Avatar_Mom on July 8th, 2011 @ 10:57 AM EST (573)

Avatar_Mom here -

Finally, something stirs in the silence, and alert Avatar fans hone in to spread the word far and wide.

Recently, there has been speculation about whether or not Nickelodeon would offer fans more information about "The Legend of Korra" during San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks. Careful observers have been noting announced guest attendance at SDCC, and formulating some possibilities to help fans attending SDCC sort out what to expect.

Ugo.com posted some speculation written by Kevin Fitzpatrick that listed celebrities attending SDCC that have been tied to the series in one way or other to offer Korra panelist suggestions.

Then on July 7th, our favorite composers Ben Wynn and Jeremy Zuckerman announced their plans for San Diego Comic Con 2011. BMI and White Bear PR will host “The Character of Music" panel Thursday, July 21st in Room 6A. Not only will a treasure trove of musical talent appear on this panel, but so will Avatar the Last Airbender creators Mike Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko!

The Character Of Music
2:30pm in Room 6A

SDCC Floor Plan to help locate Room 6A

There are many Nickelodeon events scheduled for Thursday. Because of this, there will be a Nicktoons camera crew roaming the floors of SDCC filming various Nickelodeon related fun. It was also announced that some of that coverage will be aired on Nicktoons during the week of SDCC (July 20th - 25th). Be sure to tune in!

Thursday is not the only day for Avatar universe goodness. The Track Team’s update also mentions the day and time of the official Legend of Korra panel on Saturday, July 23rd.

The Legend of Korra
Room 6BCF

SDCC Floor Plan to help locate Room 6BCF

It is still a mystery who will be on the Korra panel, but I am sure Avatar fans love to hear from everyone involved in the process. Also, from past experience, we know that Nickelodeon often adds an autograph session into the mix. There are whispers about what day and time autographs will take place, but nothing official yet. We will let you know more as the information becomes available.

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