TLOK Screenshots are up
TLOK Screenshots are up
Posted by SMBH on April 13th, 2012 @ 8:53 PM EST (631)

We have a whole bunch of TLOK screenshots already uploaded and ready for viewing. Take a look at the Specials category in the Legend of Korra episode guide to see screenshots of several of the commercials and trailers that have been released for the new series.

Additionally and most importantly, we have HD screenshots of the first two episodes of the series -- 1338 screenshots for "Welcome to Republic City" and 1725 screenshots for "A Leaf in the Wind". Enjoy!

UPDATE 1: Whoops, sorry about that everyone. There's still some hiccups and the images aren't publicly visible yet. We'll have this fixed by tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 2 Alright, HD screenshots are now working properly! Enjoy!
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