New ASN Banner
New ASN Banner
Posted by SMBH on June 17th, 2012 @ 4:47 PM EST (663)

ASN Banner by Maivry

ASN ATLA Banner by Opal Koboi

ASN TLOK Banner by Aurora
Just a small post to announce that we now have a new ASN mainsite banner! This beautiful new banner was created by Maivry, who not long ago got an honorable mention in the ASN Korra Banner Contest. Thanks, Maivry!

On the right you can see all three of ASN's banner images: the main ASN banner (by Maivry), the ASN ATLA banner (by Opal Koboi) and the ASN TLOK banner (by Aurora), all three of which are excellent examples of the skill and creativity of our members.
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