The Legend of Korra Book Two sneak peek!
The Legend of Korra Book Two sneak peek!
Posted by Icy_Ashford on June 11th, 2013 @ 7:51 AM EST (702)

The Legend of Korra Book Two sneak peek
IGN has recently released a video titled "The Legend of Korra - First Book 2 Footage".

The video has Noah and Gabby, two presenters, who go behind the scenes at Nickelodeon Animation Studios where they meet Mike and Bryan. Both hosts ask what Korra would be facing in Book Two and what spirits she would be meeting. Bryan then gives an overview of Book Two where he says "Korra has a whole new realm which she has to battle and master." Mike reveals "spirits can take different forms like creature spirits as well as light & dark spirits."

Throughout the whole behind the scenes when they're talking, four very brief scenes from the latest book were shown and the summary of each scene is written below:

Scene One - Korra is in a cave and attempting to punch a floor of ice with airbending.

Scene Two - Korra is out in the snow without her coat and she fights a humanoid spirit with a glowy face that resembles a mask. The spirit manages to subdue Korra by grabbing her arms and pinning the girl against a cliff wall. Korra struggles to break free but there's a look of defeat on her face when she fails.

Scene Three - Korra hears the roar of an unknown creature and she gasps. It looks like she is in the cave from scene one and the area around her glows brightly.

Scene Four - Two Water Tribe citizens are by a fountain in what appears to be inside the city. We don't know if the city featured is in the Northern Water Tribe or the Southern Water Tribe. A dark fish-like spirit storms into the fountain area, towering over the two civilians as they scream and run away.

At the end of the video, Mike & Bryan show the hosts and the audience a sneak peek action clip of Korra and Mako out in a snow storm battling a few spirits. The screenshot attached to this post is from this scene. Korra tries to freeze a spirit with airbending but the spirit is unfazed and pounces on the Avatar. Book Two looks interesting so far and let's hope we get a release date soon!
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