Wan, the First Avatar
Wan, the First Avatar
Posted by SMBH on July 18th, 2013 @ 9:25 PM EST (712)

The First Avatar
For many years, fans of ATLA and TLOK have wondered how the Avatar cycle began. Who was the first Avatar? Did the spirits choose this person? If so, then why or how? Did the Avatar predate bending, or did bending exist first? How did the Avatar State work for the first Avatar, if there were no previous Avatars to lend their knowledge and experience?

So far we've only learned bits and pieces of this story; in particular, we know that humans learned bending from the first benders (badgermoles, dragons, sky bison, and the moon), and we also know that in the era before the Avatar, the elements were not bended but rather people (or creatures?) manipulated energy itself. But we still didn't know anything concrete about the origin of the Avatar cycle, nor about the first Avatar. Fortunately this will change very soon!

Wired.com has reported that we'll get some answers to these questions during the episodes titled Beginnings 1 & 2 during Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. The image on the top-right of this post (click for fullsize) is a picture of Wan, the very first Avatar, who lived 10,000 years before Korra's time.

Wan, voiced by Steven Yeun, was a teenage explorer and skilled bender, and his quest to bring balance between mankind and the spirits led to him becoming the first Avatar. Right off the bat, two of our questions are answered -- now we know who was the first Avatar, and we know that bending came first. I imagine that many more questions will be answered during those two episodes. Book 2 of The Legend of Korra sounds more and more exciting with every bit of new info we get!

See the Wired article for more details; for further discussion, visit this thread in our forums.
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