SDCC 2007 Summary Report
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Okay folks, we thought we'd write up a summary of the program and some of the major points from the presentation this morning. The panel consisted of the following people:

1. Bryan Konietzko (Co-creator and Executive Producer)
2. Joaquim Dos Santos (Storyboard Artists)
3. Dee Bradley Baker (Voice Actor, "Appa", "Momo", etc.)
4. Andrea Romano (Voice Director)
5. Katie Matilla, who was standing in for Aaron Ehasz who at the last minute couldn't make the panel.
6. Eric Coleman (Nick executive and panel moderator who didn't suck Smiley)

After the introductions were done they immediately played a short message from Michael DiMartino who couldn't be there. After saying "hi" to everyone, he introduced a surprise appearance from M. Night Shyamalan who expressed confidence and enthusiasm for the upcoming movies. Mike indicated that he and Bryan were also going to be enthusiastically involved.

Following this message, they played a three or four minute season three promo. We've posted a copy of this promo on the mainsite and on my youtube account here: SDCC Avatar Season 3 Promo. They played the promo again later in the presentation, and it is this second go round that is posted on youtube since it came out better. Likewise, the screenshots from the second showing of the promo are better, and those are 265 through 355.

Next, Joachim walked us through some concept sketches, finished character designs and storyboards. These are screenshots 79 through 147 on the mainsite.

Following the sketches, Brian walked the audience through the lighter side of the "video references" that are used by the Korean animators in addition to the keyframe shots sent from the US over for the creation of the "in between shots" that complete the episode. These are screeshots 150 through 179. Funny shots of this included Bryan doing his world famous "Sprinkler Dance" (shot 177 & 178) and Sifu Kisu accidently kicking the camera (shot # 165-167)!

Katie Matilla then walked us through the upcoming second all Avatar Nick Magazine, the cover of which has been floating around the internet for some time. The focus of the magazine is on the gap between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3. The length of time that passed was not specified even though the question was asked of Bryan, though it was evidently enough time for Aang to grow a head of hair!

Next, Dee Bradley Baker and Andrea Romano gave us a wonderful demonstration of voice over production work (shots 189 to 264). They played two clips of Appa and Momo in different situations. The first time the clip was played it was without any sound. Then it was played again while Dee did the sounds for either Appa and Momo live. Lastly, the clip was played as it was actually broadcast. Dee then did the voices and sounds with the lights on so we could see the funny faces he has to make in order to produce the sounds and voices!

Lastly, they replayed the season 3 promo, awarded prizes to many of the awesome cosplayers (including our very own Karalora (Ursa, complete with "Fire Scrunchy!"), her sister Lokotei (the best Yue at the con), Avatar_Mom (a perfect Smellerbee!), her son Ao_Oni (in a very fetching Blue Spirit Mask)) who attended the panel, and then a 15 minute Q&A session. We'll post cosplay pictures later, and we're sure the alternatecoppa will post some excellent ones at Dongbu Feng and AmiraElizabeth's killer Comic Con site!

So much for the summary. To wrap up, here are some take aways. We'll post more as they are pointed out.

* This is the last season. It's been said before, but Bryan confirmed it once again.
* Although it is the last season, Bryan was clear that "they were not done with the Avatar world."
* Bryan and Michael, as suspected, are going to be heavily involved in the creation and production of the live action movies
* Zuko and Mai are obviously hooking up in season 3. Don't believe me? Check out screenshot # 276.
* The heavily speculated upon episode "The Beach" looks basically like "Avatar: The Swimsuit Edition" - check out screenshots 93 - 100. By the way "Avatar: The Swimsuit Edition" is a joke of mine, NOT something from the creators, so please stop the rumors that's it's the title of the episode or something! Tongue

* Teo and the Northern Air Temple air force returns for some kick butt action.
* We finally see the Fire Nation capital and the Fire Lord's palace.
* The Fire Nation finally deploys war balloons or airships the technology of which they acquired in episode 117.
* We see a young Avatar Roku getting his Avatar groove on (check out the awesome four element blast he delivers in screenshots 346 to 349.
* Sokka gets some heavy duty armor (shot 286) and learns some advanced fighting techniques (319 - 321).

Anyway, that's all I can regurgitate right now. I'm sure there is stuff I've missed, but I'll add anything I've missed.

NB: Several pithy comments for this summary have been graciously supplied by Karalora, who is sitting next to me helping me through sleep deprived delirium. Thanks!
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