ASN Korra Banner Contest

Everything changes with time. The Avatar cycle itself begins where another story ends. Change means one may need to adapt in order to grow. Even for a fansite, this rings true.

This is why has been going through some awesome changes! In order to facilitate all the excitement and wonder surrounding Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra, ASN has added new pages to the site. You will notice that we now have pages specific to all things Korra --

You also may have noticed that the new Korra pages need a banner graphic. This is where you come in. Design an Avatar Korra themed banner and enter our Korra banner design contest. The winning entry will grace the top of the new Korra area. Your triumph will be announced and bragging rights will be obtained!

To enter:

Look over our banner for inspiration or a guide. Then create a Korra themed banner graphic that is 558 x 148 pixels (or bigger if it keeps that proportion). The most important design element is the color scheme. ASN's ATLA banner has shades of orange, beige, and brown. The new Korra pages are in hues of blue. For design harmony, we ask that your background color stay in the blue color family. For color reference, view our new Korra pages. When you are ready, email your submission to with subject line "Korra Banner Contest", and include your ASN username in the email so we know who you are.

Now go design and create beautiful entries. Good luck to all! We can't wait to see all the lovely banners.

The contest will run from April 16th - May 6th (11:59 EDT).

* This contest is open to active members of One entry per person.

If you have questions or comments, please join the Banner Graphic Contest Discussion in the forum.

Winner: Aurora

Runner-up: Nyokou (note that this image is a transparent PNG)

Second runner-up: Nelson64


Creativity and originality:


Mr Grieves

Composition: Nebuneferu

Humor: Loopy

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