Why am I banned from the forum? I've never even registered an account / never did anything wrong!
It's possible that your IP address is in the same range as the IP address of a member who has been banned. Please look up your IP address and contact us, and we'll try to solve the issue as best we can.
I made an account on the forum but I'm still waiting for admin approval before I can finally log in and post. How much longer do I have to wait?
We usually try to go through approvals every 2-3 days. However, sometimes real life gets busy and we fall behind. If you registered an account and two weeks have passed without receiving your admin approval, please don't make a second account. Instead, please send us an email through the Contact page and we'll try our best to get back to you and/or process your approval as soon as possible.
When is Legend of Korra coming out? What about Book 2? Book 3? Book 4?
Book 1 of "The Legend of Korra" ("Air") premiered on Saturday, 14 April 2012, at 11am ET, on Nickelodeon.

Book 2 ("Spirits") premiered on Friday, 13 September 2013, at 7pm ET, also on Nickelodeon.

Book 3 ("Change") premiered on Friday, 27 June 2014, at 7pm ET, again also on Nickelodeon. However, starting with Episode 9 of Book 3, TLOK moved to digital distribution only, and now the episodes are available on nick.com/korra, the official Legend of Korra website.

Book 4 ("Balance") premiered on Friday, 3 October 2014, on nick.com/korra, after the shortest inter-season break in Avatar franchise history.
Is there going to be a fourth season of Avatar? What about a fifth season of Korra? Maybe a third Avatar series?
First question -- No. The creators confirmed at San Diego Comic Con in July 2007 that the story of Aang and Zuko ends with Book 3: Fire. However, a sequel series exists, "The Legend of Korra", which takes place 70 years after A:TLA. In addition, there is a series of comics that follow the adventures of Aang and his friends after the end of A:TLA but well before the start of TLOK.

Second question -- No. Although The Legend of Korra was originally planned as a 12-episode miniseries, Nickelodeon ended up ordering a second book, and then a third and a fourth. The creators of the show have said that Korra's story ends with Book 4.

Third question -- Most likely no. The creators have said that they'll be taking a break from the Avatar universe after Korra is done. This probably means there will not be a third Avatar series.
I have some ideas for a sequel/a rewrite/season 4/more Avatar/more Korra/more comics/a movie. Wanna hear them?
Sorry, but we're just a fan site. We're not employed by Nickelodeon nor do we have any say in what gets animated or otherwise officially produced, so we can't do anything with any ideas you send us.
What's the point of this site?
"Avatar: The Last Airbender" is one of the best shows to debut in a long time. We wanted to provide a fan service for all those people who share our interest in this program. The site is here to provide news, information and a place to hang out and talk about the animated show, the comics, and the equally-amazing sequel series, "The Legend of Korra". Please note that we are a fan site -- we do not work on the show nor do we have any say in what ideas get made into episodes.
Who made the cool banner pic you have at the top of the page?
ASN has three different banners -- one for the mainsite, one for the ATLA pages, and one for the TLOK pages. They were each created by very talented members of ASN (Maivry, Opal Koboi and Aurora, respectively), as mentioned here.
How can I help AvatarSpirit.Net?
If you enjoy the site, please donate using the Paypal link on the main page. Also, episode reviews may be posted on the forums, where quality reviews will be selected for the mainsite.
Can I join the staff?
Thanks for the offer, but no. We are fully staffed. The best way you can help is either to give a few bucks or donate some content.
Hey, where did all the screenshots go?
Before "The Legend of Korra" premiered, we redesigned ASN to have separate areas for "Avatar: The Last Airbender" content and for "The Legend of Korra" content. You can find all the Avatar TV and DVD screenshots in the Screenshots page of atla.avatarspirit.net. And if you go to korra.avatarspirit.net and look in the Screenshots page there, you'll find TV and HD screenshots for TLOK.
What are the passwords for the Avatar Escape thing?
The passwords for the "Avatar Escape" online game are: PATHIK, BOSCO, KURUK and YANGCHEN. The password to view the "School Time Shipping" short is "KOH".
Can I take ASN content without asking permission?
Not on your life. The staff has worked hard to produce this material and it is copyright protected. If you want to use anything, please email or PM one of the site staff and ask permission. If permission is granted, please clearly credit everything you use to AvatarSpirit.net.
I found someone stealing your stuff. What should I do?
Please message one of the administrators with a link to the page with the stolen material. We'll take care of it as soon as we can. And thank you!
How does ASN produce all of its neat screenshots?
The original method (ATLA) -- First, transfer the episode onto the computer. Then, using BSPlayer (or equivalent), take a series of screenshots that are automatically numbered and placed in a folder. Finally, Paint Shop Pro is used to watermark all of the screens with the AvatarSpirit.net watermark, and the screens are uploaded to the server for everyone to see!

The second method (TLOK Book 1) -- First, transfer the episode into the computer. Then, play the episode at 1/10th the speed using MPlayerX and take snapshots of every interesting frame. Finally, use a python script to number the snapshots, make thumbnails of them, and watermark them all with the ASN watermark, then upload to server.

We did not create the TLOK Book 2 screenshots. They were kindly provided to us by plushu of piandao.org. TLOK Book 3 screenshots are re-hosted with permission from cap-that.com.
Will you go penguin sledding with me?
Uh... sure.