Interview with Crawford Wilson (part 1 of 2)
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Recently we were fortunate enough to have a chance to interview Crawford Wilson, the very talented voice actor who plays "Jet" on the show. Enjoy!

Acastus: How did you get involved with the show?

CW: Well, I booked the role of Jet just a guest star, but since he was such an interesting character it was decided to bring him back as a recurring role and expand on his story.

Acastus: What are the challenges involved in playing your character?

CW: There are not too many challenges in playing Jet, I guess it's because I just feel as if I know him very well and can predict what he will do in situations.

Acastus: How do you interact with Andrea Romano, the Voice Director? How about with the episode directors? What kind of direction do you receive from each?

CW: Andrea is great, she is one of the best and easiest voice directors I have ever worked with. Same goes with all the episode directors, they're great to work with and all the direction I receive from everyone is very clear and makes my job a lot easier.

Acastus: Conversely, how much creative freedom do Mike, Bryan, Andrea and the rest of the cast allow you to interpret your character(s)?

CW: Well, they all have their main foundation on how they believe it should be done so we will always do a take like that, but then they will let me do some wild lines a couple different times and different ways and a lot of times those takes will turn out to be just as good and creative so there are a couple different good takes that the producers can pick from.

Acastus: Sokka and Katara both lost a parent to the Fire Nation, but they didn't turn out like Jet. Why do you think that is the case?

CW: Well people have different ways of dealing with things and Jet obviously got a little lost and reacted in the only way he knew how, but throughout the show he grows as a character and starts to realize that his old ways weren't the best way of dealing with things.

Acastus: As a skilled manipulator and a plotter of mayhem, Jet was cast as the villain in his first episode. At lot has changed for him since then. How has your character developed since his first appearance in your view?

CW: Jet has grown and matured tremendously throughout the show, I'd say the thing I've noticed most about his change is that he is becoming a more genuine person who you could trust and someone who is not only thinking about himself, but also those around him.

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