Interview with Crawford Wilson (part 2 of 2)
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Here's the second part of ASN's interview Crawford Wilson, the voice actor for "Jet". Enjoy!

Acastus: Jet tries to turn over a new leaf after he blew up the dam in his eponymous episode, but he fails. He continues to steal and ends up obsessed with hunting Zuko and Iroh. What do you think prevented him from succeeding in his effort to start a new life?

CW: There are many obstacles in his way, more than the obvious Fire Nation. Jet deals with things his own way and there maybe not always the best way so it can sometimes get him into situations that are difficult to get out of.

Acastus: In what ways do you identify with your character? What similarities are there between you? How are you different?

CW: I'd say I can relate to Jet in the way that he is fast to act upon situations, he is a very strong willed person who will do what he wants, when he wants, but this trait can also be a weakness of him. I'd say it's his greatest attribute while at the same time his greatest downfall.

Acastus: What are your favorite interactions / scenes between your character and the other characters? What makes those scenes special?

CW: I would have to say I love all of Jet's fighting scenes, when watching them I just think there are so amazing and very well done. A lot of the battle scenes in this show remind me of like a cartoon version of "The Matrix" and I just think its so cool.

Acastus: Katara evidently has some genuine feelings for Jet based on Toph's comment in "Lake Laogai". Do you suppose Jet feels something for her as well?

CW: I definitely think there has always been sparks between Jet and Katara. Jet betrayed her at first which makes it very difficult for Katara to trust him, but throughout the show Jet tries to prove himself as a trustworthy friend who truly does care for her.

Acastus: If you could play any other Avatar character, who would it be? Why would you choose that character?

CW: If I could play any other character on Avatar I think it would have to be Prince Zuko just because it's always fun playing a villain and especially one as intriguing and powerful as Zuko. Plus Jet doesn't really have any powers and I think it would be cool to play some one who can control fire like Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation can.
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