Interview with Johanna Braddy (part 1 of 2)
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The ASN Voice Actor Interview Series continues with our recently concluded interview with Johanna Braddy, who voices Sokka's first love "Princess Yue" on the show.


Acastus: How did you get involved with the show?

JB: I was really lucky. Last year I came out to L.A. for the first time (I'm from Georgia). I had only been here maybe two months. I got the audition for Avatar, worked on what I pictured Princess Yue's voice to be like, then recorded the lines at my agency. Probably a week after, I got the call saying I booked the job. I was SO excited. I love voice over work and I had never done animation before.

Acastus: What was it like joining an already established cast when you started playing Yue at the end of season one?

JB: It was really smooth actually. I guess it you would think it would be a little tough trying to fit in at first, but it wasn't at all. The entire Avatar cast and crew has a warm family feel. They totally brought me in and I felt completely comfortable and welcomed from the start.

Acastus: What are the challenges involved in playing your character? Are there any special challenges involved in playing a dead / spirit character?

JB: Princess Yue's voice is so similar to my voice. So that made it pretty easy on me. I guess a challenge would be always keeping calm. there are times in the show where things get pretty tough for Yue. If I were her I would probably freak out or at least raise my voice. But Princess Yue pretty much always maintains a calm and demure sense to her.

Acastus: How do you interact with Andrea Romano, the Voice Director? How about with the episode directors? What kind of direction do you receive from each?

JB: Andrea is AWESOME! She is so good with getting her points across on how she wants something said. Noting is ever confusing, she's to the point and so quick. I love working with her. she makes everything fun and simple.

Acastus: In what ways do you identify with Yue? What similarities are there between you? How are you different?

JB: Well, appearance wise, we look a lot alike. Its really cool. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. Princess Yue and I both are very determined. She has principles that she defends and sticks to no matter what, as well as I do. I'm a big believer in staying true to yourself and your beliefs. I'm a bit different though in that I'm not the quietest girl in the world. She always has a calm and collected feel to her.

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