Interview with Johanna Braddy (part 2 of 2)
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Here's the second half of Johanna Braddy's interview with ASN. Johanna brought the beautiful and serene character of Princess Yue to life for the audience, and hopefully we will get to see her work again!

Acastus: Yue makes two tremendous sacrifices in the short time we see her. She decides to go through with her arranged marriage despite her feelings for Sokka in "Siege of the North, Part I", and she gives up her life to save the Moon Spirit (and the world) in "Siege of the North Part II". Is all that nobility hard to render believable when portraying a character?

JB: I don't think its hard. I mean, that's Princess Yue, that's who she is. She's an unbelievably noble and strong girl. I just have to put myself in her place, and feel what she feels.

Acastus: What are your favorite interactions / scenes between Yue and the other characters? What makes those scenes special?

JB: I really like the bridge scene in "The Waterbending Master." Even though, Princess Yue is upset there is still some humor, when Sokka gives her the fish he made but she calls it a bear. Overall the relationship between Sokka and Yue is bitter sweet. They care for one another so much, but can not be together.

Acastus: If you could play any other Avatar character, who would it be? Why would you choose that character?

JB: I don't know about a specific character, I would just love to play a villain. Its so much fun to be one of the "bad guys" :).

Acastus: Why do you think it was Yue that Sokka saw in episode 204, "The Swamp"? What, if any significance, do you think that might hold for Sokka and for Yue?

JB: I think that it shows how much Sokka really cares about Princess Yue. Katara thought she saw her mom (someone she truly loves). I hope that one day Sokka and Princess Yue get to meet again, and that they continue to care for each other. Princess Yue promised Sokka that she would always be with him, and I think she intends to.

Acastus: Sokka is seen looking up at the moon moments before his aborted first kiss with Suki in episode 212, "The Serpent's Pass". Do you suppose that's why he couldn't go through with it then?

JB: Ya know, I'm not sure. I'd like to think so. It would make sense.
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