Interview with Jessie Flower (part 1 of 2)
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Our third voice actor interview is with Jessie Flower, the talented voice actress behind the character Toph, Aang's powerful earthbending teacher.


Acastus: How did you get involved with the show? Did you audition for Toph at the same time as Meng, or did the opportunity to play Toph develop later?

JF: First, I auditioned for Meng, then I got the part, and then they decided I might be a good voice for Toph. So, I auditioned for that, then got that part. Which actually at the time, Toph's name was "The Blind Bandit".

Acastus: Since you originally played Meng, was it difficult to "switch gears" so to speak when you started playing Toph later on?

JF: No, not really. Because since I do a lot of other voice work, I am used to "switching gears" quite often so it was pretty easy and fun!

Acastus: What was it like joining an already established cast when you started playing Toph in the first half of season two?

JF: It was really fun. I got to meet all the people who played the characters, that was really cool!!

Acastus: What are the challenges involved in playing a blind character?

JF: Since it is an animated show, it's not really a challenge because she's is such a great Earthbender she can see with her feet.

Acastus: How do you interact with Andrea Romano, the Voice Director? How about with the episode directors? What kind of direction do you receive from each?

JF: Andrea and I get along great! She is hilarious. The episode directors are very fun and nice! Depending on the scene, the most common direction I get is to make my voice sound either tougher or more sincere.

Acastus: Conversely, how much creative freedom do Mike, Bryan, Andrea and the rest of the cast allow you to interpret your character(s)?

JF: They give me a lot of freedom. They let me try all different ways all the time, and if I don't hit something they like, then they direct me.

Acastus: In the episodes broadcast to date, how has Toph's character developed in your view? What were the challenges presented by that development and how did you deal with them?

JF: Well, she has become the Earthbender that she has always wanted to be. She is no longer stuck at her parent's house, and she has the freedom to do whatever she wants, and she gets to teach Aang how to Earthbend.

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