Interview with Jessie Flower (part 2 of 2)
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As promised, here is part two of our interview with Jessie Flower, the talented voice actress behind the character Toph, Aang's powerful earthbending teacher.

Have fun with this one!

Acastus: In what ways do you identify with Toph? What similarities are there between you? How are you different?

JF: Toph and I, one thing we definitely have in common is that we like to do things on our own, we like to be independent, we like to be aggressive and sometimes have an attitude (laughing), we also love being sarcastic and funny!! Differences that Toph and I have...I am not blind, I am not an Earthbender, and I was not born in a family that was rich. (chuckle)

Acastus: What are your favorite interactions / scenes between Toph and the other characters? What makes those scenes special?

JF: I like arguing with Katara scenes, because I always get to raise my voice and sometimes call her names (laughing). As for instance, "Sugar Queen". (laughing still)

Acastus: When we interviewed Sifu Kisu, the Martial Arts Coordinator for Avatar, we asked him to choose a weapon for Toph. He responded: "Toph would use one of the great swords of China, the Da Dao, or heavy war sword." Do you think Toph would enjoy swinging around a massive war sword?

JF: Yes, she would probably enjoy it, but she might not be able to figure out where she was swinging it.

Acastus: If you could play any other Avatar character, who would it be? Why would you choose that character?

JF: Sokka, because he is the joker of the show. I'd love to say his lines, and when he says them, no matter what they are, it always makes me crack up.

Katara too, because she is a graceful Waterbender, she always makes good decisions and she has good common sense, and......... "her hair is sooo manageable!" (laughing)

But...I really enjoy being Toph the most, because I am a person who can know where her surroundings are even though she is blind. She has a great personality, and she is completely cool!

Acastus: What would you change about the character if you were in charge?

JF: I would make Toph's hair brown instead of black, her dress would be dark brown and her apron would be neon green, and she would keep her hair in a ponytail instead of a bun. Also, I think Earthbending should include trees, flowers and other plants.

Acastus: Shipping is always a hot topic on the ASN forums, and in fact, every other forum as well! If you were writing the show, who do you think Toph should "end up" with, if anyone?

JF: Besides the fact that I have never heard the term "shipping" before (laughing), I think that Toph should maybe end up with Sokka, because they are both very sarcastic, and they both love joking around, and like being the boss.
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