Episode Reviews and Art Contest Update
Episode Reviews and Art Contest Update
Posted by Acastus on January 19th, 2007 @ 12:50 AM EST (211)

Art Contest Update: The winners for the ASN Holiday Oekaki contest should be posted within a few days. We've decided to give out two prizes. We received well over a hundred entries, thanks to all who participated!

Episode Reviews: Thanks to all who have submitted episode reviews! We've received dozens already, many more than we thought. Some have been quite long, and while the effort is simply amazing, please remember to keep your reviews in the 500 to 750 word range if you can!

If you haven't reviewed any episodes yet, but want to, don't worry. We will continue to accept new reviews on an ongoing basis. Some have asked whether you can review an episode that others have already reviewed. The answer is that you can, just be aware that if your review largely echoes other existing reviews then your chances of having it accepted are lower than they would be otherwise.
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