Teen Titans News
Teen Titans News
Posted by Acastus on March 31st, 2007 @ 10:41 PM EST (213)

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On another note, we occasionally announce big news related to the other fansites in the .net family. This time we have some sad news for the many Teen Titans fans among the Avatar fandom. Our sister site, TitansGo.Net (TGN), has heard from a source within DC Comics that "Teen Titans GO!", the comic that has carried on Glen Murakami's vision of the Teen Titans we all saw in the animated series, may soon be canceled.

Butch, TGN staffer, writes, "The best way to help save "Teen Titans Go!" is to contact DC Comics directly. Comic publishers tend to be open to what fans have to say, so sending letters to DC Comics will be a major help. As part of the effort, TitansTower's offered a couple ways to contact DC:

E-mail: askdcdirect@dccomics.com

Write letters to:
Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

If you enjoyed Teen Titans the show or the comics, please write DC Comics today!
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