About ASN's 'Star Wars' Crawl
About ASN's 'Star Wars' Crawl
Posted by Acastus on August 4th, 2007 @ 3:25 AM EST (218)

Click here to go to the Naruto Abridged page on Daily Motion!
Many people have emailed us about how we made the "Star Wars" type opening crawl to celebrate the season 3 premiere date announcement. First, we're glad you enjoyed it! We thought a little tidbit like that might be fun for the many of us Avatar fans who are also Star Wars geeks. The clip should be available on youtube indefinitely, but we also put it up in the special episode list and uploaded a few screenshots.

We're happy to answer the question on how it was made, though, because it allows us to showcase our partners in crime on this effort, Masakox, and the guys over on Daily Motion who make the awesome parody "Naruto Abridged." The story in a nutshell was that, after we decided to make a "Star Wars" type opening, we wrote the text and made the ending slide, but we couldn't go farther because no one on staff had the skill to produce the clip. After laughing our behinds off watching "Naruto Abridged", we decided to contact Masakox and ask them for help. The result was what you saw below. We had a lot of fun making it with MasakoX and his folks, and we have no reservations about encouraging everyone who loves Naruto to go check out their hilarious series so that you too can understand the mysteries of "Gaara of the Funk!" If you become as much of a "Naruto Abridged" nut as some of us have, go ahead and check out their forums as well!
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