New Convention Report Section Launched - PMX Report Up!
New Convention Report Section Launched - PMX Report Up!
Posted by Acastus on October 30th, 2006 @ 7:27 PM EST (357)

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One of the Avatar fandom's most renowned cosplayers, Gowa-Chan, a.k.a. "Avatar Kyoshi", has submitted an excellent convention report to ASN for the recently concluded Pacific Media Expo (PMX).

In this report we learn many tantalizing tidbits about the show, including the projected airdate of the premiere of season three, the percentage of benders in each nation, and hints about the identity of the replacement voice actor for our much missed Mako.

You can find Gowa's report in its entirety on here on ASN's new Con Reports page. You can also access this page using the "Con Reports" button on the left hand menu under "News Archives." Here we will post reports from the various conventions that deal with Avatar. We'll also post our SDCC material from the summer when we get a chance, so it's all in one convenient place. Reports in the future will come both from the staff and from users like Gowa-Chan who are willing to submit detailed reports in exchange for an ASN shirt or some other Avatar related booty!
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