Haiku Contest Winners Announced
Haiku Contest Winners Announced
Posted by Acastus on November 14th, 2006 @ 4:29 PM EST (364)

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Thanks to everyone who contributed entries to ASN's first haiku contest! We received hundreds of poems from people all over the country and beyond. The winners are:

Best: Rachel Her for the poem, "Little Soldier Boy":

Under the tall tree
Is the little soldier boy
Who will not come home

Most Creative: Susan Kischel for this entry:

Chaos is found where
Cabbages fly through the air
Sell them if you dare!

Random: Isidorios for his entry:

Cunning lemur waits
Pear harvest brought to market
Stealth brings sweet reward

The prizes are either an ASN polo shirt in the color of their choice (red for Fire Nation, green for Earth Kingdom, blue for Water Tribes, or light yellow for Air Nomads), or a $20 Amazon certificate. Winners please PM me with your preference!

Congratulations once again to the winners!

Lastly, we will post some of the runner ups in the upcoming weeks. There were so many quality entries it was really hard to pick winners and we'd really like to spread the recognition for those who put so much energy and thought into their poems!
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