Nick Targets Illegal Episodes on YouTube, But Not FanVids
Nick Targets Illegal Episodes on YouTube, But Not FanVids
Posted by Acastus on November 21st, 2006 @ 4:19 PM EST (368)

As most fans know, YouTube recently removed many Avatar fan videos for copyright violations after the company was purchased by Google. There has been a lot of speculation whether these videos were removed by Nick, its parent Viacom, or by Google / YouTube. Since a lot of fans were concerned about this, we tried to get some feedback on it. An anonymous source at Nick told us,

"We did remove the illegal episode broadcasts but the mashups are great. Everybody at Avatar loves them. I have also noticed that some of them have been removed. However it is not by us. Most likely it is the record companies pulling the content because of the music that is used.

Google is cracking down on a lot of this now that they have bought youtube.

We still encourage mashups and videos to the fullest."

That's the word, folks. It's great that Nick supports the creative efforts of the fanbase, but the music looks like it can be a problem. Best of luck to all the fanvid makers out there!
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