Want to contribute to ASN? Write an episode review!
Want to contribute to ASN? Write an episode review!
Posted by Acastus on January 13th, 2007 @ 2:41 AM EST (387)

Click here to see Rufftoon's awesome DA page
We frequently get emails or people popping into chat who express interest in contributing to the site. While we've got the day to day operations pretty much covered, we kept trying to think of ways users could send in something unique beyond contest entries for which they would get a "by line" credit, and after some consideration, episode reviews seemed like a good place to start.

If you're interested, the process is simple. Check out the "ASN Wants Your Episode Reviews!" string in the forum to review the guidelines. Once you understand the format, then just pick an episode and start writing! Post your reviews in the "ASN Wants Your Episode Reviews!" string for consideration. Well constructed and well thought out reviews will be put into the site database and will show up as part of the ASN Episode Guide for that episode! For example, check out Nat's excellent review of "The Tales of Ba Sing Se", Savitri's review of "Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice Part II" or my review of "The Blind Bandit" to see where the reviews show up on the site and for ideas on formatting.

We hope everyone enjoys this new way to contribute to ASN!

Also, special thanks to Rufftoon, one of the Avatar fandom's most talented cartoonists, for contributing the awesome picture on the left! We thought a graphic exhortation might help stimulate some contributions and Rufftoon graciously volunteered. Ruff's ability to draw on model is legendary, and if you haven't checked out her Avatar Finale cartoons yet, please click on the link in her name above to see them on her Deviantart account, you won't be sorry!
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