ASN Interview with Avatar Voice Director Andrea Romano (Part I)
ASN Interview with Avatar Voice Director Andrea Romano (Part I)
Posted by Acastus on May 12th, 2007 @ 1:02 AM EST (423)

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Following up UJoF's killer interview with Mike & Bryan, we have another treat for all Avatar fans, but perhaps most of all for those fans who aspire to be voice actors someday!

We recently had the honor of speaking with Andrea Romano, the Emmy Award winning Voice Director for Avatar: The Last Airbender, seen here at left in the special feature "Finding Their Voices" on the season one box set of "Teen Titans". We will be publishing this interview with her in three parts over the next few weeks.

The first part of the interview covers the role of a voice director for those who may not be familiar and a walk through of a typical voice recording session for Avatar. Part two will touch on Andrea's career, and part three will discuss advice for aspiring voice actors.

We hope you enjoy looking through this wonderful window with us into the career of a fascinating person and titan of the animation industry. She generously shared with us some of her views on voice direction and voice acting, two of the vital components of the magic that turns a collection of sounds and images into great stories and great animation!

We thank her for spending some time with ASN and for all of her work bringing these wonderful shows to life for us!
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