Contest Runner Ups
Contest Runner Ups
Posted by Acastus on June 16th, 2007 @ 9:22 PM EST (430)

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As promised, here are several "runner ups" from the Spring 2007 Haiku Contest. The Runner Ups and their entries are:

"Spring is time for love
Sokka sees the moon above
And thinks of Yue

by "Sokka2meBaby"

"Cherry blossoms fall
Above the weeping boys face
His mother is gone

by "kit_kat1327"

"Appa in a meadow,
Calm and serene in the breeze,
Sighs and falls assleep

by "ThePokeWiz"

"Winter turns to spring,
White snow melts among rebirth,
But the scar remains

by "Lost"

Also, we've been given permission to release one more special entry. For those who remember Giancarlo Volpe's April Fool's prank, here's proof (if any were needed) that his sense of humor is alive and well!

"Avatar is gone
Giancarlo told us April
Damn him and his pranks

by Giancarlo Volpe

Thanks again for all the great entries!
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