Second SDCC Video & Amira's SDCC Coverage Is Up !
Second SDCC Video & Amira's SDCC Coverage Is Up !
Posted by Acastus on August 8th, 2007 @ 7:53 AM EST (443)

Click here to go to check out the video
The second SDCC video containing additional footage of the Avatar panel is now up! You can access it by clicking on the link above or by clicking on the logo at left. Alternatecoppa of Distant Horizon / Dongbu Feng has worked hard on putting this together from different footage sources and we thank him for his prodigious efforts! Here's a message from Alternatecoppa describing the video:

"Hi everyone! It's Alternatecoppa. Here it is, the video footage I edited together from as
many of the Avatar events as I could attend on Saturday July 28th at the San Diego Comic

You've waited a long time, and so have I. But it was important to get it right. First of
all, let me remind everyone that we were kindly asked to refrain from showing the entire
60 minutes of the panel by Nickelodeon since they wish to keep some of what happened as a
treat for us on the Book 3 DVD box set special features. While we know others have
ignored this wish and posted the panel video in full elsewhere, I hope you'll enjoy the 6
minute summary I'm bringing to you here all the same.

The video is fairly long, 20 minutes in total (so try to be patient with the download
times) and the panel is hardly the only thing we covered that day. If you were there in
costume, you may very well see yourself, hamming it up for my camera. For those who
weren't there, I hope this gives you a satisfying first hand look at what it was like to
be at San Diego Comic Con!"

~ Alternatecoppa

Thanks again to Alternatecoppa and the other good folks of DH and DF who collaborated on this project! Working together for the fans pays off and we're glad to have met everyone face to face finally. See y'all next year!

Click here to go to check out Amira's website!

EDIT: Amira, a dedicated DH staffer and SDCC attendee has been working hard on her site to upload lots of cool SDCC pictures and the like. Check it out if you get the chance!

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