ASN Avatar Magazine Contest Begins!
ASN Avatar Magazine Contest Begins!
Posted by Acastus on September 16th, 2007 @ 11:50 AM EST (461)

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We've never had two contests going at once, but we decided to give it a shot since ASN user dianam41 brought the idea to us and generously offered to administer and support the contest! So, here goes the ASN Avatar Magazine Contest!

The idea is to encourage those who haven't yet bought a copy of the awesome second all Avatar Magazine to go out and buy one by giving everyone who's actually bought a copy a chance to win either a Volume 1, Season 3 DVD or an gift certificate of equivalent value in a random drawing!

To enter, simply e-mail a copy of your receipt (scanned receipts are fine) to, or you can fax a copy of the receipt to 303-200-8868. Or, lastly, you can scan your receipt, host it on imageshack or some other hosting service and email a link to it to the email address above. The contest runs from Sunday, September 18th until Sunday, October 28th.

Check out the link above for the complete list of the rules of entry, or click on the logo at left! Best of luck to all who enter and thanks again to dianam41 for supporting the contest!
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