DVD Screenshots Up for First Half of Season 2 & Note on Season 3 Transcripts
DVD Screenshots Up for First Half of Season 2 & Note on Season 3 Transcripts
Posted by Acastus on September 30th, 2007 @ 7:10 AM EST (473)

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The DVD screenshots for season two have been posted for the first half of the season up through and including episode 210, "The Library." You can access them by clicking on the season two graphic on the left or by using the left hand menu and selecting "DVD Screenshots."

These first ten episodes represent over 8,000 DVD quality screenshots, and, when complete, the season two set will contain over 16,000 screenshots. We will try to get these posted before the first season three DVD is released for sale about a month from now. The TV screenshots will remain up forever, of course, to make sure we don't break any links people have made to them.

A Word on Transcripts: On a separate note, many people have emailed us asking when transcripts will be posted for the new episodes. We ask for your patience on this, since each transcript takes many, many hours to produce. Rest assured the staff is working to get them out as soon as practical and we will post a transcript for every episode. That said, transcripts will likely lag behind new episode broadcasts by several weeks at least. Thanks again for your patience!

302 Now For Sale on iTunes: Also, "The Headband" is now available for sale on iTunes, in addition to being available full length on TurboNick!
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