"Sokka's Master" Already Up on TurboNick!
"Sokka's Master" Already Up on TurboNick!
Posted by Acastus on October 12th, 2007 @ 4:12 PM EST (479)

Just a quick note that the full length version of "Sokka's Master" has already been posted on TurboNick, once again in the "Buzz" section.

To get there, click the TurboNick link above and then click the "Buzz" button at the left, then click on the "Katara" button. "Sokka's Master" is the first entry in the list that pops up.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in with the heads up!

EDIT: Although it's been posted, the video has some glitches in it so it is almost impossible to watch. Hopefully they will fix it soon!
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