ASN Screenshot Database - Project Apollo Lifts Off!
ASN Screenshot Database - Project Apollo Lifts Off!
Posted by Acastus on October 29th, 2007 @ 3:43 PM EST (492)

We're excited to announce the completion of ASN's largest internal project to date. Dubbed "Project Apollo" due to its size and complexity, the idea was to turn our large of pile of screenshots into a searchable database. We realized that many users had to waste a lot of time browsing through many screenshots they didn't want in order to find something they liked. To make this easier for everyone we decided to create a new function. The result was "Project Apollo."

To access this feature a new link has been added to the ASN main menu at left called "Screenshot Database." Clicking this (or the launch graphic at left) will take you to the search interface. Here you can search over 34,000 screenshots along any of these parameters:

  • Character

  • Creature

  • Location

  • Weapon

  • Emotion

  • Animation Studio

  • Episode

  • TV or DVD

  • Combat / Non Combat

  • Light / Dark

  • Shipping (Y/N)

  • Avatar State (Y/N)

  • Once at the search interface, just make your selections for what kind of screenshot you're looking for. For example, selecting "Aang" AND "Katara" (use the "control" button to select more than one item at the same time within a given search parameter) and clicking the "yes" button under "shipping" will return all the Kataang shipping screenshots tagged so far. To return to the mainsite from the search screen, click on the ASN logo in the upper left hand corner of the search interface.

    Although we have put a huge amount of time and care into this project, mistakes certainly do happen. If you see errors in the database, or any factual errors on the site, please email us at and let us know. If it's a search problem, please include the criteria you used that produced the poor result.

    At this time all of the season one screenshots (TV and DVD), season two TV, the chibi shorts, the pilot and the Avatar Escape online comics have all been tagged with entries in the database. All season three episodes broadcast in the US to date have also been tagged and are available for searching. We will of course continue to tag screenshots and will make periodic announcements on our progress.

    We'd like to recognize a few ASN staff members who put out a tremendous amount of effort to make this project a success. Forau, SMBH, Savitri and Psycho Silver spent hundreds of hours between them to get this done. In addition, we'd like to thank some of the people in ASN chat who helped us dream up the project many months ago, including adz, kefkafloyd, and others. If you find this function useful, make sure to let everyone involved know you appreciate their efforts!

    We hope this new function is helpful to everyone!

    The awesome launch graphic at left was donated by the very talented DA artist "Blue10." We saw his inspired "Two Sides - Aang" art and asked him to make a graphic for us in honor of the launch. He did an excellent job and we're honored to display it here for you.

    If you haven't seen his DA account, check it out! He's got several other cool Avatar pieces and a few Teen Titans pictures as well. Leave him a comment or two if you get a chance!
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