Episode 313, "The Firebending Masters" Aired Last Night on YTV
Episode 313, "The Firebending Masters" Aired Last Night on YTV
Posted by Acastus on January 5th, 2008 @ 4:43 AM EST (510)

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YTV forged ahead last night with the world premiere broadcast of episode 313, "The The Firebending Masters." YTV seldom gives episode titles or descriptions on its broadcast schedule on the company's website, but it seems YTV is using the 8:30PM slot on Friday nights to broadcast new episodes of Avatar. Another episode is scheduled for broadcast on January 11th and another on January 18th. No titles or descriptions are given, but then neither were there any for the episode broadcast last night. We shall have to wait and see!

No information is available at this time on the date of the US premiere or the premiere in other countries for episodes past "The Day of Black Sun".

For those ASN forum goers who have seen the new episode legally, please remember to post spoilers from this episode only in the Spoiler subforum or in "The Firebending Masters" discussion string in the Episode Discussion forum. Thanks!
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