Korra's Face Revealed!
Korra's Face Revealed!
Posted by SMBH on March 6th, 2011 @ 8:59 PM EST (571)

Korra's Face Revealed

We finally have an image of Avatar Korra's face!

The image comes to us courtesy of Speakeasy on the Wall Street Journal. This is only the second image we've seen of Avatar Korra, and the very first time we get to see her face. Aside from the image, the article says that the new series will be unveiled next year, and interestingly enough refers to it as "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra".

Click on the thumbnail to the right for the full-size image, and click here to read the full article. New Update: ASN member Noirsam found a higher resolution image of the new Korra picture. Click here to see the high-res version.

Update: A follow-up article has also been published with a list of voice actors and the names of the characters they will play in the new series:

- Janet Varney as Korra
- Kiernan Shipka as Jinora
- Daniel Dae Kim as Hiroshi Sato
- David Faustino as Mako
- Seychelle Gabriel as Asami
- Lance Hendrickson as Lieutenant
- PJ Byrne as Bolin
- JK Simmons as Tenzin

The series premiere is also confirmed to be in 2012.
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