Korra Nation Update
Korra Nation Update
Posted by SMBH on March 16th, 2012 @ 2:56 PM EST (610)

Countdown to TLOK
T minus 28 days, and Korra Nation continues to release excellent new development art -- some from the Korra Nation tumblr, some from the secret tiles in the Pai Sho board at the Korra Nation website. It should also be noted that the meter at the top of the page in the Korra Nation website is currently about halfway filled. If the meter fills up completely, the premiere episode will be unlocked on March 24, much earlier than the premiere date of April 14!

Three new images from Korra Nation
The thumbnail on the right is a compilation of the three new images we got today.

The image at the left is an "early development artwork for Ikki, Tenzin’s daughter and Aang’s granddaughter. An Airbender as well, Ikki is very hyper and inquisitive." You can see the image full-size by clicking on the composite thumbnail on the right, or click here to see it individually.

The image on the top-right is "Development Art of Amon". Click on the thumbnail to see it full-size or here for an individual image. If a larger image becomes available, we'll update this paragraph to let you know.

And finally, the image on the bottom-right is of a "Republic City Intersection at Night". Click on the thumbnail or on this link to see the image full-size. It's unfortunate that we don't have a very large version of this background image (as we did with Air Temple Island or Republic City at night), because this image is also gorgeous. If a larger version becomes available, we'll update this paragraph to let everyone know.
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