TLOK Episodes 101 and 102 on Korra Nation
TLOK Episodes 101 and 102 on Korra Nation
Posted by SMBH on March 24th, 2012 @ 12:48 AM EST (616)

A scene from episode 102
About an hour ago, episodes 101 and 102 of The Legend of Korra become available for streaming in Korra Nation -- and they both are AMAZING! The Korra Nation tumblr page also has this announcement:

"We’re excited to let you know that The Legend of Korra premiere is live RIGHT NOW on And there’s even more Korra goodness than you thought. Here’s what you’ll find:

I. From Aang to Korra: A look back at Avatar: The Last Airbender and a glimpse into what’s to come in The Legend of Korra.

II. The Legend of Korra Begins: Episodes 101 and 102, as promised :)

III. This Season on The Legend of Korra: A sneak peek of what’s coming this season as Korra strives to fulfill her destiny as the new Avatar.

Episodes will only stay up through the weekend - so go watch right now!

Nice job, #korranation!"

--Team Korra

So Avatar fans, make sure to go to Korra Nation this weekend and watch the episodes!
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