Animation Insider reviews The Legend of Korra
Animation Insider reviews The Legend of Korra
Posted by SMBH on March 27th, 2012 @ 2:10 AM EST (617)

TLOK Character Sheet
Animation Insider just published a great review of "Welcome to Republic City", the first episode of The Legend of Korra.

Along with the review, they've posted some great supplemental material such as an image of Republic Times, a newspaper in Republic City, the rules of pro-bending (in three separate cards), and a character sheet for the series.

The character sheet (see the thumbnail on the left and click to see it in full-size) gives us a few interesting new details. We can see the character designs of Tenzin's two siblings, Kya (a waterbender) and Bumi (a nonbender). We also learn the names of Korra's parents: Tonraq (her dad) and Senna (her mom); they are both waterbenders. The chart also lists Lin Beifong's father as "unknown"; also unknown are Mako and Bolin's parents.

Click here to go read the full review and see these and other images at Animation Insider.
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