Three more episode titles and more images from Korra Nation
Three more episode titles and more images from Korra Nation
Posted by SMBH on March 29th, 2012 @ 8:12 PM EST (619)

The titles for episodes 103, 105 and 106 of The Legend of Korra have not yet been publicly released, but a look at the public catalog website for the US Copyright Office tells us what these titles will be (unless they get changed!). Episode 103 is The Revelation, Episode 105 is The Spirit of Competition and Episode 106 is And The Winner Is.... There's no word yet on the title of Episode 104, or any other episodes after these.

Amon concept

Pro-bending arena
And even though there won't be any more secret Pai Sho tiles now that redirects to the Korra Nation tumblr page, that doesn't mean they've stopped releasing cool images.

Yesterday Korra Nation released the image on the top-left thumbnail, an early sketch and mask design for Amon, the mysterious figure who is leading the anti-bending revolution. This early design for Amon's mask is quite different from the final design as seen in the SDCC Legend of Korra trailer and the various recent TV ads for the show, particularly in the facial expression. The original mask looks sad, almost pathetic. The new mask has a great little smirk on it that gives Amon a more mysterious aura.

And today's new image, seen on the bottom-left thumbnail, is a rear view of the Pro-Bending Arena (and Korra’s view of it from Air Temple Island) at night. Contrary to the background paintings we got through, this one IS available in a nice and big 1280x751 format. Neat!
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