Premiere ratings, new episode title, and a clip from Korra Nation
Premiere ratings, new episode title, and a clip from Korra Nation
Posted by SMBH on April 17th, 2012 @ 3:11 PM EST (635)

Korra Premiere Ratings
The numbers are in and the premiere of The Legend of Korra had pretty good ratings! The premiere ended up the fourth most watched show for the week ending on April 15. According to a Nickelodeon press release, the premiere had 4.5 million viewers, and it ranked as the top animated series and number one kids' show for the week. This is pretty awesome! Let's hope the rest of the season has ratings as amazing as these -- or if possible, better ratings.

TLOK Book 1
In other news, a new episode title has been released. We already know that next Saturday's episode is titled The Revelation (episode summary: Korra attempts to learn more about the Equalist movement through infiltration), and we've known the titles of episodes 5 and 6 for a while now, but the title of episode 4 remained a mystery until now. The fourth episode of the series, set to air on April 28, is titled The Voice in the Night. We also have an episode summary for it -- Korra is recruited to join Councilman Tarrlok's task force which tries to rid the city of Equalists. Quite intriguing!

Naga and Pabu
And finally, Korra Nation continues to give us great preview clips! They just posted a video where Korra and Mako ride Naga through the city looking for Bolin before he ends up in serious trouble. The scenes in this video appear to happen not long before the events of the Attacked by chi-blockers clip. And we see more of Pabu here too! Go to Korra Nation to watch the clip.
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