More A:TLA comics: Announcing "The Search"
More A:TLA comics: Announcing "The Search"
Posted by SMBH on June 25th, 2012 @ 2:44 PM EST (669)

The Search
Great news, Avatar fans! Comic Book Resources announced today that Dark Horse will be releasing more "Avatar: The Last Airbender" graphic novels, written by Gene Yang and illustrated by Gurihiru.

The new graphic novel is called The Search, and it will be dealing with the most asked question after the A:TLA series finale -- what happened to Zuko's mom?

The article includes a preview of the art for this comic (see thumbnail on the left) as well as an interview with Gene Yang, in which he reveals that "The Search" takes place immediately after the events of "The Promise" and will focus on Zuko and Azula -- and particularly about Azula, he says that "we'll see what a prolonged stay in a Fire Nation mental institution does to a person".

No release date is mentioned in the article, but since The Promise, Part 3 comes out in September, it's probably safe to say that "The Search" will be released sometime after that. We'll let you know the release date once it's been announced somewhere.
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