Legend of Korra: Original Music from Book One listed on Amazon.com
Legend of Korra: Original Music from Book One listed on Amazon.com
Posted by Icy_Ashford on June 8th, 2013 @ 9:58 AM EST (701)

TLOK Book One CD
What appears to be an audio CD for The Legend of Korra, Book One: Air appears to be available for pre-order on Amazon.com and the title is listed to be released on July 16th 2013.

There is no image for the product yet but this post will be edited once we receive more information.

UPDATE 1: Amazon.com has placed a cover art for the CD. There's still no description for the disc yet and the track listings aren't available. Hopefully they will reveal more soon. Once again, this post will be updated when more information is revealed.

UPDATE 2: The WSJ's Speakeasy blog has an article about the Korra soundtrack, which includes the album's track list. We've reproduced the list here for your convenience:
  1. Prologue
  2. Air Tight
  3. In a Box
  4. An Impossible Crime
  5. Being Patient / Beifong's Sacrifice
  6. Asami and Mako Dine
  7. On the Lam
  8. Hittin' on All Sixes
  9. Good Ol' Days
  10. Before
  11. Fresh Air
  12. Korra Confronts Tarrlok
  13. Squeaky Rags
  14. Amon
  15. Chi Blockers
  16. A Peaceful Place
  17. Left My Heart in Republic City
  18. Firebending Training
  19. Wheels
  20. Republic City Under Attack
  21. Hardboiled... Afraid (Separate Ways)
  22. War
  23. Asami And Hiroshi / Korra Airbends
  24. Greatest Change
  25. The Legend of Korra End Credits
  26. The Legend of Korra Main Title

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