More NYCC 2013 TLOK panel info & Korra schedule time update
More NYCC 2013 TLOK panel info & Korra schedule time update
Posted by Icy_Ashford on October 2nd, 2013 @ 10:23 AM EST (728)

NYCC 2013 exclusive poster
We mentioned previously that there will be a "The Legend of Korra" panel at NYCC 2013. We now have a bit more information on what will be going on at the panel.

For starters, Bryan said that this beautiful poster (embedded in this post, click for full size) will be given away and signed at NYCC 2013 so for those who are going there, look out for it.

In addition to that, people who attend the panel will be treated to a brand new episode of TLOK and it will be episode 207, "Beginnings: Part One" where we will learn more about the first Avatar, Wan. At least everyone only has to wait a week to see the new episode unlike last time where a majority of the fans had to wait for about two months to see the premiere of Book Two: Spirits after it was exclusively aired at SDCC 2013 back in July.

They will also be answering questions in the panel and you can submit them to the korranation post linked in the above paragraph.

In other news, the official Nickelodeon twitter account has announced that The Legend of Korra will be airing on TV at a different time on Friday night at 8:30pm EST / 7:30pm CST starting from this week, October 4th 2013.

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